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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       I have nothing bad to say about Twickenham Cleaning Company. The cleaners they sent were very reliable. I explained my situation and what I needed to get cleaned and they wasted no time in cleaning everything. My house has never looked better! Thanks to them I feel free to invite friends over. Such a relief I found them! Amazing company!    
Peter Jones29/08/2016

       We are a large family and between the pets and the kids, there always seems to be some sort of a mess. After hiring a cleaner from Cleaning Twickenham we have significantly found a reduction of the wastage and mess that the kids leave and the house looks beautiful. We are so grateful to you!    
James and Libby N.01/12/2015

       Our beautiful sprawling house had been ignored for years together. It was an overwhelming mess for us to clean on our own. We needed a reliable cleaning service provider who would provide a lasting relationship. Each of our valuables was handled very carefully and scrubbed to perfection. The house feels like a washed living and breathing space again. Thank you for a job well done, Twickenham Cleaning.    
Philomena Davis08/05/2015

       Once again TwickenhamCleaners have been able to help me out with the kind of cleaning which I might not otherwise have been able to enjoy. I've tried doing it all myself, but I usually end up worn out and stressed and the results are never this good. I find that by bringing in the experts, I can rely on them to handle all of the more difficult and intensive work, which leaves me to simply enjoy the new found cleanliness. It's things like this which mark them down as real experts.    
Kay B.07/01/2015

       I was very pleasantly surprised by the service that the cleaners from TwickenhamCleaners rendered in my house last week. I have used a couple of services in the past and frankly, I always regretted wasting money on them. But with this company, things were otherwise. Their services were extremely affordable and I have never seen a better cleaning job done in my presence. Not only that, the cleaning team was super sweet and polite and it was a delight having them over. I would definitely recommend that if you are looking for decent cleaning service , you should give this company a try.    
Veronica T.04/12/2014

       I have elderly parents who are unable to manage their own cleaning, washing and ironing. I had been cleaning for them whenever I was able, but with work and a young child myself found it difficult to spend as much time cleaning as their home required. I contacted TwickenhamCleaners and arranged for them to attend my parents once a week for three hours to do the cleaning and laundry. This has taken a considerable amount of pressure off of me and has made life much easier. The cleaning cost is reasonable I am even considering using their services myself!    
Alison R.14/11/2014

       When I was moving out of my last flat and in with my girlfriend I did not have much time to get everything organised and set up so that I was ready to go. The last thing I needed was to be cleaning the flat from top to bottom. That is why I contacted TwickenhamCleaners and booked in a team of cleaners to perform my end of tenancy cleaning. They were inexpensive as well as being quite brilliant at their jobs. The old place looked as good as new and I was really impressed by their work ethic. I would recommend them to anyone!    
T. York09/10/2014

       I find you can tell immediately who is a good cleaner and who isn't. For instance, I always do a spot check after cleaners have been and I can honestly say after the cleaners from TwickenhamCleaners had done their job I was very impressed indeed. Little things like cleaning under the microwave or not missing spots when vacuuming etc are a good sign a full job has been done. I actually had a checklist of little things I wanted done around the house and these were all carried out as required. Having had another good experience with them since I feel I can recommend this company with confidence.    

       Moving back home after university has been a bit of a burden on my parents. I try and help out around the house as much as I can but my student standard of cleaning is never up to scratch and they usually have to re-do something to get it how they like. I remembered that my friends had hired a cleaner from TwickenhamCleaners who did a great job and from what I heard they had irresistible prices too! Our cleaner does a brilliant job every week and my parents are astonished at my miraculous cleaning improvements. I think I'll keep it a secret a while longer before I tell them who is really doing it.    
Tom R.16/07/2014

       I have to confess that I was quite simply amazed with the work that TwickenhamCleaners delivered in my home. My daughter usually does the cleaning in my home as I'm struggling to get around these days, but when she had a late change of plans I told her not to worry and called this cleaning team. I was pleasantly surprised with my gleaming kitchen, sparkling bathroom and the fresh smell that stayed in my home for weeks. I'll tell my daughter not to bother next time! I'll use my own cleaner! Would recommend to anyone struggling to get the housework done.    
Agnes Ramsbottom30/06/2014

       I'll get right to the point and say that TwickenhamCleaners provided me with an excellent service. The work their cleaners did for me was of the highest quality and I feel that I could not have hired a better team. My house was cleaned thoroughly and quickly, so I was living in a spotless house in no time. They did the chores I couldn't do and did them properly so I got the best result. I am completely pleased with their services and I will definitely recommend them to friends and hire them in the future if I need cleanings services again.    
Clarice McCormick20/06/2014

       I was in need of some regular cleaning assistance in my busy work shop and office. I had used cleaners before but they never lasted. I decide to give TwickenhamCleaners a call and book cleaners to do my cleaning on a regular basis. I wanted twice a week, so the place always looked good for the public. I was able to arrange out of office hours and the cleaners arrived early evenings to do the general cleaning of the office, bathroom, kitchen and small workshop. It involved tasks such as dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. The service I get is fabulous the workers are on time and efficient at their work, well done.    
Sonny B.26/05/2014

       You can't really put a price on an excellent cleaning service, but if you do, it's always better if it is cheaper. I have always used TwickenhamCleaners because they are such good value, so it has been easy for me to stuck with them, as their prices have never fluctuated! I recommend them to everyone I know, and now Imo doing so for people I don't, so they must be amazing! If you're the type who likes a decent clean house, then you will enjoy working with this lot, I guarantee it!    
Ernest Murphy14/05/2014

       TwickenhamCleaners did an amazing job on our house cleaning last month, and I was extremely impressed with the attitude of the staff members, the service they delivered, and the excellent value that the low price rounded the whole affair off with! If I ever need a full scale house cleaning service again, I will certainly be trying these lot out for size. They really did make a big job seem incredibly easy, and I am seriously grateful for all their hard work and impeccable manners throughout the job, a very highly recommended service for all cleaning needs.    
Kurt Marsh29/04/2014

       I love having my house cleaned by TwickenhamCleaners! I first heard about them through a friend, and thought that they sounded ideal to tackle my stained carpets. I'd just moved into a new house that wasn't looking as clean as I liked, so I started with the carpet cleaner and was so impressed that I also ended up hiring an upholstery cleaner before having a full one-off clean to get my house into shape! The cleaners all did an amazing job and they showed just how skilled they were when it came to removing stains really quickly! I now hire this company regularly because I know that no matter how hard I try, my home will never look as clean as when they clean it!    

       I enjoy travelling, so spend a lot of my time abroad, volunteering or just site seeing. This means that I need someone to clean my home so that it is nice and clean when I do come back to it. This is where TwickenhamCleaners saved my life. Not only are they super trustworthy which makes me comfortable knowing that they are in my home whilst I'm not there, but they are also very professional. They clean my home perfectly and I always enjoy walking into a clean, fresh, nice smelling home. I would never hire anyone else, since they are so perfect.    
Victoria A.27/03/2014

       I wanted to hire a professional cleaner but I was really wary about having strangers in my house. I'd heard some horror stories about unprofessional cleaning staff and I was really unsure about hiring help at all. A friend suggested I try TwickenhamCleaners and their friendly staff were really polite and calmed me down right away. After hearing about all of their cleaning knowledge and experience I decided to give them a go and it was the best decision I could have made! My house is always so clean and the cleaner is so quiet that I sometimes forget she's even there! I love this service and I'm so glad to have hired my cleaner from this company!    

       Spring cleaning involved a thorough run through of all of the cleaning things that I hate doing, from kitchen cleaning, to bathroom cleaning, you have to get all those spots that you don't pay that much attention to, and it's always a massive pain. Instead, I tend to get a professional domestic cleaner in every couple of months, just to really blitz the place, and do the harder bits and pieces. TwickenhamCleaners have been my cleaner of choice for a while, and I really get on well with them, well worth a call!    
E. Lee07/01/2014

       As a working mum life can get a bit much at times. You feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions at once, and then you realise your home is a bomb site which only makes things worse. My friend bought me a couple of months of weekly home cleans by TwickenhamCleaners for Christmas one year. I have to say I was offended at first, but once I booked them she saw a complete change in me. Having a well maintained home does wonders for your stress levels, and these guys did such a superb job that I kept them on. It is more than worth the expense.    
Jill Douglas05/12/2013

       I hate cleaning. I have always hated cleaning, and I know that everyone dislikes the whole thing, but I think I might be slightly more loathing of the tedium that cleaning brings than others... It is therefore unsurprising to hear that I have always used a cleaning company, which has been a massive relief for me. Recently, I switched to TwickenhamCleaners who are even better than anyone I have used in the past. I have used a few companies, and these are the best that i have experienced, they are fast, efficient and cheap, which is pretty much perfect!    
G. Fraser19/11/2013